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Celes Sketches 1 by zealousceles
Digital Artwork
Locke and Celes by gateapparel
Celes full  sprite sheet by Lijj
Badass Babe by Arikaz
Ma Chere by christadaelia
Traditional Artwork
FFVI~ Celes Chere by Envy-kun99
Celes by chaotix-shadow-fan
Celes Chere by Boschian-Fantasies
of hearts by fashion-jerk
At the Opera by Elrowiel
Celes and Locke by GemmaChan
Celes Chere by FrostyMorningBliss
Celes by FrostyMorningBliss
Celes in the Empire
general and court mage by fashion-jerk

Important Information

Artowrk must follow DA's rules
Artwork must focuse on Celes and/or have her as an equal part of the piece
No tracing or art theft allowed
Fanfiction pieces must feature Celes as a prominent/main character.


Final Fantasy 6: A beautiful Maria - Celes by dagga19
.:Locke, I'll find you...:. by TantalusCosplay
.:2 worlds collide:. by TantalusCosplay
.:Savouring freedom:. by TantalusCosplay
Celes: FFVI in Perler Beads by Imm0rtalSoul
General Celes Chere by dagga19 by dagga19
Celes Chere by kalikat
FF6 - Pure As Snow by Izumichan
FF6: Celes by AniRichie-Art
Magical Ecstasy - Celes by Hyomoto
real men of GENIUS by style-xx
FF6 celes_2 by yokoyama-Kick-Knock
Aria De Mezzo by Seishounohana
Celes Chere by Nat-da-cat-rox
Opera by nightshadowblitz
FF6- Aria de Mezzo Carattere by Rodie-the-Nightblade
Sprite Amano fusions, General, Ambigous, Oth
FF 6 - Celes by Past-Chaser
celes doodle by cheedah
Celes - Redux by Hyomoto
Final Fantasy VI -Celes Chere by Nazo-No-Neko
The Bandana, colors by selie
The Bandanna, lines by selie
celes+locke by vainille
Terra and Celes Yuri by Rezuban
This Wasnt The Plan... by zealousceles
Celes and Terra by zealousceles
Gestahl Empire babies by nekki
FF6 Fill in the Captions by TheAmericanDream
Aria di Mezzo Caraterre by andreamakesthings
Warriors of Light by Tasukichan
Maria and Celes Chere by eframTrabbit
Another Victim by BalthierFlare

Random from Featured

Photography of a Heroine FF6 by MeriloRydriamyn Photography of a Heroine FF6 :iconmerilorydriamyn:MeriloRydriamyn 3 2 Oh Maria by glance-reviver Oh Maria :iconglance-reviver:glance-reviver 327 62 Celes -collab- by anniefelis Celes -collab- :iconanniefelis:anniefelis 11 7 FF6 Celes by hayatefaith FF6 Celes :iconhayatefaith:hayatefaith 6 0 Celes Cher-Art Trade by sckry Celes Cher-Art Trade :iconsckry:sckry 37 7 Aria .speedpaint. by scherwil Aria .speedpaint. :iconscherwil:scherwil 377 38 Celes Chere by dagga19 by dagga19 Celes Chere by dagga19 :icondagga19:dagga19 42 8 Final Fantasy VI: Celes Chere by Hikaroo Final Fantasy VI: Celes Chere :iconhikaroo:Hikaroo 55 20 FF6- Runic Knight by Aggeon FF6- Runic Knight :iconaggeon:Aggeon 7 7 General Celes color by Salzward General Celes color :iconsalzward:Salzward 1 0 FF6 Final Fight: Celes by Kroh FF6 Final Fight: Celes :iconkroh:Kroh 4 6 ffvi- celes chere by morimori-mori ffvi- celes chere :iconmorimori-mori:morimori-mori 9 7 Celes fanart by Everyworker Celes fanart :iconeveryworker:Everyworker 22 45 ffvi - locke and celes 5b by spoonybards ffvi - locke and celes 5b :iconspoonybards:spoonybards 143 16 Windy Celes by KatChan00 Windy Celes :iconkatchan00:KatChan00 89 21
Hello everyone, I hope all our members old and new have been enjoying life and the such. I want to thank the new members for joining, and for everyone who has submitted work, thank you so much. Also, keep those submissions coming when you guys can!

So, Update wise, there isn't too much to update everyone on, no big news yet, except that Dissidia Final Fantasy is getting a sequel called Dissidia Doudecim. The sequel we're constantly getting new information on, but here's still a lot that hasn't been released. And while there is no guarantee that FFVI will be getting another character added to the roster, there seems to be a lot of hope out there that it will. Popular guesses seem to include Celes, Locke, Ultros, Edgar, Sabin, or Shadow would be added. But these are all speculation at the moment, so no guarantees but we can hope!

So, contest wise, I thought maybe a contest would help to breathe a little more life into the club. So...

New Contest: Celes in the Empire
The goal of this contest is to portray Celes during her days of a faithful member of the Empire. You have a lot of options here, everything from something with the other generals, her torching of Maranda, something with Cid in the lab, her training in the Empire, and more. Lots of options here, but it must be before Kefka announces his plans for Doma to her and she turns traitor in the eyes of the Empire. Many options here, so if you're not sure of a concept don't hesitate to ask.

Artwork must be a new piece created for the contest
Members may submit 2 possible entries
Any medium is accepted(including text and cosplay)
Artwork must follow basic club rules
Artwork must be submitted to the Celes in the Empire folder only.

I'm making the deadline January 3, 2011
This is because of all the various holidays that are upcoming or the deadline would be sooner, but I want to try to accomodate members around the holiday.

Best of Luck Members!!!!

:bulletpink:Other Final Fantasy VI Groups:bulletpink:
There are quite a few other FFVI groups around DA, slowly but sure more of the main cast is aquiring their own fan groups, so be sure to visit the other groups out there and pay them some support if you want to show more FFVI love. I'll keep this list updated with all new FFVI groups that surface.

:iconcyan-fan-club::new: Fans of the brave knight of Doma.
:icon1-terra-fan-club-1: One of two groups for fans of the half esper girl.
:iconterra-branford-fc: One of two groups for fans of the half esper girl.
:iconwandering-gambler: Fans of the gambling airship captain.
:iconlocke-cole---fanclub: Fans of the theif I mean treasure hunter.
:iconfigarobrothers: Fans of the royal twins.
:iconcult--of--kefka: Fans of the psychotic court mage.
:iconexgeneralxthief: One of two groups for fans of Locke/Celes
:iconlocke-x-celes: One of two groups for fans of Locke/Celes
:iconffviclub: Fans of FFVI in general
:iconffvicosplay: Cosplayers of FFVI
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maikuhl Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
omggg CELES! i guess have to start sketching soon!
miranda-shadowind Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just out of curiosity, why is there no fanfic section submissions-wise?

You could have a stipulation that submissions have to prominently feature Celes as opposed to her being a background/minor character in a piece that features someone else, just as with the artwork rules.
aerismog Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
It's honestly because it didn't cross my mind when I made this group, I have a fanfiction section in another group I run, just slipped through the cracks on this one. I'll go add one now. Sorry, I just got back from a con so my attention hasn't been on the group directly, hence the late reply.
miranda-shadowind Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah. It's okay, that's understandable.
RebeccaTripp Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
You guys might like this:
TheTrueDarkness Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
hello, there, I recently created a fanclub dedicated Vaan from ff12 since noone else bothered to do so

here is said group :iconvaan-fc:

so may we please affiliate?

also, is it all right if you could mention this fanclub in your next blog?

Vaan doesn't get that much attention like cloud and squall you see so i want to spread this around

please and thank you!
aerismog Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
We can definitely affiliate, no problem. I'll consider mentioning it the next journal update, but no promises, alright? ^_^
TheTrueDarkness Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2011

understood :)
Arikaz Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2010
Wow! i had no idea this club existed! but i'm stoked that you guys wanted to add my picture, thanks. I have a lot more Celes stuff i haven't had the chance to submit yet, when i do i will keep this club in mind. =D
aerismog Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2010
Your picture is awesome! Thanks for letting us add it.

And if/when you get around to the other Celes stuff don't hesitate to submit it, we'll be looking forward to it ^_^
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